About Androvaid

The Androvaid is a platform to learn mobile and web development an absolutely FREE website that has been created to provide quality online education to the people who are enthusiastic to study different technologies as if they are making conversation with us.

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At Androvaid you can get free useful resources for developing web and mobile applications. We are mainly focusing on Mobile Application Development and Web Application Development.

Our Team

Shaikh Wasi Sadman

Hello everyone. I am the founder of Androvaid. I have been working on this project since the start of my career.  I like to share my little knowledge with you all and that’s why I have started Androvaid. Thank you for supporting me and this service. I really appreciate your support and always keep learning.

We are putting our best effort to make androvaid a worth for every single moment you spend on the website. If you think it is worth to visit this website, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.

Kindly contact in case you want to contribute: [email protected]

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