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Introduction to JAVA

Sun Microsystems developed and released java in 1995. It is a high-level programming language that can run on multiple platforms such as windows, Mac Os UNIX and on others as well on the help  of Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

java compilers translate Java programs into bytecode. The compiled java bytecode runs on  Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Interpreter in the JVM translates java bytecode into machine understandable instructions. So to run a complied java program on a machine, all you need is the JVM with interpreter that can translate java bytecode into the machine understandable instructions.

It is an object oriented programming language. That means the objects that are defined in programs are self sufficient entities meaning objects contain data and behavior which operates on the data.

Java is guaranteed to be Write Once, Run Anywhere.

These are all the introduction part for learning java.

Let me clear one thing first:

Always keep in mind that Java is a very easy and robust language to learn and to apply

First we will be covering

  • The very basic of java and it’s syntax’s.
  • Object Oriented Concept in java
  • Then some Advance Stuffs

Let’s begin with the Environment Setup.

You can check the Oracle Documentation for more.

We will discuss so many things on the way to learn. So let’s dive in and stay put with AndroVaid.

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